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Whether you are a professional in transition, a new graduate, or anywhere in between, HIRED! is the most effective solution to your employment needs.

  • Learn how to uncover the
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  • Ask for (and receive)
    higher quality leads

  • Interview
    like a pro

  • Negotiate a
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  • End your job search
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Course Features

In HIRED! The Ultimate Job Search Course, you'll gain access to seven modules designed to help you accelerate your job search and land a job faster. In conjunction with Pearson Publishing, this course is authored by Laura M. Labovich, national job search expert, Fortune 500 recruiter, and HR veteran. HIRED! takes you through everything you need to know to stop spinning your wheels, and become a more productive job seeker!

Soul Search Before the Job

Use assessments to uncover your natural talents

This first module is perfect for career changers! In it, participants will explore the various types of assessments available for job seekers during a transition. This module is packed with info on how to “find your way” if you don't know what you want to do, but know you don't want to do what you're doing!!

Your Career Marketing Documents

Create a resume that resonates with target employers

The second module is tailor-made for you if you’ve been sending out
 resumes but are not hearing back from your target audience. In this
 module, we will explore the science behind building your resume (including
 key "anatomy" for all of you biology majors) and provide you with a
tutorial on how to get past the electronic eye of the applicant tracking
 system. You'll learn to create a polished and powerful career summary, a
bulleted accomplishment that gets attention, and a cover letter that
makes it insanely easy for a recruiter to ascertain your value in 10
 seconds or less!

The Hidden Job Market

Uncover where the real jobs are and how to position
yourself for them

In this lesson, you'll learn why you must immediately start limiting your
time spent applying to jobs online and, instead, focus on targeting
 companies. This lesson is jam-packed with power tools and concepts to help
you structure your networking efforts, measure the quality of your
contacts, and make HUGE progress in your search. (Job seekers say this
module alone is worth the price of admission!) You will also learn how
 strategic volunteering can help make you an insider in your chosen field!

Communicating with Your Network

Cold call, email, and pitch with success

Learn how to communicate more effectively with your network. In this module, you'll discover how to perfect your pitch, send emails that get read with greater frequency, and cold call with confidence. Bonus! In this lesson, you’ll receive done-for-you scripts to help you master any cold call, regardless of who picks up—voicemail, administrative assistant, or hiring manager herself!

Job Search Resources

Learn to use headhunters and staffing
firms to your advantage

In this lesson, we'll tackle to research industries, companies, and people of importance in your search. You'll learn how and when to work with recruiters (headhunters) in your search and what to do when you're ready to reach out!

Using Social Media in Your Job Search

Understand how to leverage LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in your job search

In this lesson, we'll demystify LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and
 blogging for job seekers. But, this isn't just a social media 101 lesson.
We'll also teach you how to manage what's already out there about you online,
proactively generate the right content, and boost your most relevant
branded content to the top so it's easy to locate when recruiters search
for you. (Which 90% or more of the time, they will!)

Ace Your Interview and
Negotiate Like a Pro

Think like a consultant in the interview
and negotiate like a pro

In this lesson, you will learn about strategies for before, during and after the interview. Case study interviews. Panel interviews. Stress interviews (oh my!). You will learn how to prepare for an interview and how to follow up after one with confidence and savvy. Also, as a bonus, you'll learn to apply a sales approach to interview follow up that will leave hiring managers impressed and inspired! Lastly, learn key salary negotiation tricks that can add thousands of dollars to your final salary, without jeopardizing your relationship with the hiring team!

Dear future happily employed professional or executive, are you tired of:

  • Wasting Time & Energy
  • Having Questions but No Answers
  • Wishing for an effective solution

Wasting Time & Energy

  • Sending out resumes but not getting any responses?
  • Spending countless hours applying for posted jobs?
  • Networking like crazy but not having any success?

Having Questions
But No Answers

  • Getting overwhelmed by the sheer volume of mixed job search advice?
  • Not knowing who or what to trust to help you land a job faster?
  • Not having a solution to help you move forward in your search?

Wishing for an Effective Solution

  • Asking one question, but getting multiple answers?
  • Looking for support in all the wrong places?
  • Wishing for a structured process and proven system?

Success Stories

During a career transition, I was fortunate to benefit immensely from 
Laura’s wealth of Career Coaching expertise. Her corporate HR industry
 intelligence, business acumen, and proficient writing skills are ideal for
 anyone seeking a talented Career Coach.

Sudha Hillary

Wow, what can I say??? It took me about 4.5 months to get a new job and the activity I got based on the resume, cover letter, and coaching that Laura
 created for me. I’m certain that this is one of the main reasons I got 
hired. She clearly knows her stuff and the quality of her work speaks for 
itself. No way I could have come with the quality of work and the
 suggestions she did. I could not recommend her coaching enough, she kept me
 on track and focused and the end results paid off. Thank you Laura! The
 strategies from HIRED! are the best!

Darren Goldberg

Working with Laura provided my job search the structure it was lacking
 prior to my hiring her. The techniques she offered and her guidance during
 our conversations provided me with the direction that was missing in the
 early stages of my search!

Dan Greenwald

Laura deeply understands how the hiring process works, how hiring managers think, and how job seekers can stand out from the crowd. She’s a true pro.

Ann Dorough

I have had the pleasure and fantastic fortune of meeting Laura as part of a 
group of professionals seeking career coaching. She is inspirational in 
being generous with her time, and gives her 100% to the group. Her 
knowledge and expertise in the field of career coaching is extensive, and 
she continually nudges me (and all the group members) towards getting the
 structure and direction that was so lacking in my job search process. Her 
style is warm and friendly, but at the same time extremely focused. I have 
yet to walk away from a session without a solid take-away nugget. Thanks

Tehseen Jafary, MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP

Laura is the full package. Sure she can write a dynamic resume, but she can
 also coach a client with how to manage today's job market. Laura has a 
unique ability to ask the probing questions to boil down the situation, 
tasks involved, actions taken and measurable results. I am returning to the 
workforce after 8 years. Laura was able to get me in the mindset for today's 
work environment and gave me invaluable tips for networking. I now have the
 confidence that my resume conveys my experience and expertise. But most
 importantly, she helped me get my game face on to return to the job market.

Diana Fierst

As a new graduate, entry-level professional, mid-level professional, or rising executive job seeker,
YOU will:

Land a job and have cash in your pocket faster!

  • Create transformational, breakthrough results in your job search campaign.
  • Learn how to replace time spent online applying to open positions with productive activities that will yield better results.
  • Get clear on your goals, target function, industry and geographic region to become more attractive to employers!
  • Create a job search blueprint that will help attract those right-fit opportunities to you.
  • Learn the simple mechanics of a good resume, how to separate responsibilities from accomplishments and how to build a career summary that gets attention.
  • Learn to understand how social media can help - or hurt - your search and how to make it work in your favor.
  • Prepare for, and follow up after, the interview in a way that separates you from your competition!

About Laura M. Labovich

As Chief Executive Officer of The Career Strategy Group (, an outplacement and career management firm in Bethesda, MD, Laura shares best-in-class job search strategy, tools and tactics with job seekers all over the world, empowering them to land a job faster!

Before launching the internship program for America Online, Laura got her start at Walt Disney World, where she recruited nationwide for the Walt Disney World College Program, led the recreation recruiting and staffing efforts for Disney's Typhoon Lagoon and Disney's Blizzard Beach water parks, and staffed Disney's Animal Kingdom for its inaugural launch.

Laura's contagious enthusiasm and powerful methodology have garnered attention from such national news media as The Washington Post, Sirius XM Radio, Fox News, NBC, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Yahoo, and Laura is the co-author of the book 100 Conversations for Career Success: Learn to Network, Cold-Call and Tweet Your Way to Your Dream Job (LearningExpress, 2012), a book about “what to say and how to say it” in your job search and a FORBES top career book selection for 2013. She is also the author of the robust online job search course, HIRED! (Pearson Workforce Development, 2014).

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